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Vitamin O ?!?

Greetings & HAPPY FRIDAY!! Today I want to share something with you you’ve probably never heard of…VITAMIN O!  Ok, there’s no such thing, scientifically / biologically.  But MENTALLY?  Yes indeed!  I am borrowing this from the author, Marc David.  He … Continue reading

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Today’s message: Go for your DREAMS!!

Hi, everyone!!!  I have a great Shakti’s Mind Medicine for you today! It’s all about pursuing your dreams… why you should do it, why you should do it NOW, & what may be holding you back. Let me begin with the quote … Continue reading

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Today’s Message: Finding the Beauty!!

In today’s hustle & bustle, many of us are just trying to “get by”. How about a different approach?  The medicine I prescribe for your mind today is… look for the beauty in the world… things to appreciate, things that … Continue reading

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