Vitamin O ?!?

Greetings & HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Today I want to share something with you you’ve probably never heard of…VITAMIN O!  Ok, there’s no such thing, scientifically / biologically.  But MENTALLY?  Yes indeed!  I am borrowing this from the author, Marc David.  He wrote Mind/Body Nutrition, a verrrrrry good book.

So what is “vitamin O”, & why is it super important???

“Vitamin” O is OXYGEN!!

It is all around us, in plentiful supply.  It’s free… we need it to survive… but GUESS WHAT?  We don’t take in enough of it!  At any given time.

Human beings are notorious for our shallow breathing.  Why?  Because life is so busy, so harried & hurried.  We nearly live in a state of constant stress, to some degree or another.  We only use a FRACTION of our lungs’ vital capacity when we breathe.

I’m encouraging everyone who reads this to begin to practice more CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

What do I mean by that?

Conscious breathing is paying attention to your breath.  Forcing yourself to breathe more fully, more slowly.  In fact, I recommend taking a moment at least a couple times a day to do a Conscious Breathing Exercise.  Sit back & relax for a few moments (but with a straight back, allowing plenty of room for lung expansion), taking 4 counts to COMPLETELY fill your lungs– to the “tippy top”!  Then the challenging part is the exhalation.  Do this to a count of 10 to 12.  It’s really hard at first.  But the whole point is to squeeze every last “drop” of air from your lungs!  After doing this process about 4 times, YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING!!  It clears your brain, revitalizes all your organs & body systems, & re-energizes your whole body!

Vitamin O is also very important in the body’s metabolizing process at meal time.  Did you know that if you breathe deeply throughout & after a meal, & eat more slowly (& consciously), your body metabolizes food to a MUCH greater degree??  It really does, & I will share more about Vitamin O & how it can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted in a later post.  (This is the cliff-hanger…)   😉


Love & Light,


About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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