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Hello, beautiful people!!

Today I want to talk about body / mind communication.  Psychosomatic health & wellness.

What is “psychosomatic”?  Psyche- pertaining to the mind.  Somatic- pertaining to the body (as separate from the mind.)  Put the 2 together, and we have a beautiful & simple way the body communicates to us what may be “off” in our lives, in our mindset.

The Ancient Greeks believed that anytime they experienced illness or injury, it was the gods sending them a message.  They had the right idea.  Whenever we experience a health concern (& this especially applies to chronic conditions), it really is the body’s way of alerting us that we need to alter something in our lives.  We just need to tune in & listen to our bodies.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, can point out that you need to “get comfortable in your own skin”.  Be content & happy with WHO YOU ARE!
  • Chronic pain in the knees or feet tell us we are afraid to move forward, or to step out in a certain direction in our life path.
  • Problems in our shoulders & back indicate we are carrying too much of the “weight of the world”.  We need to lighten our load.

Get the point here?  Most of our body’s communications are pretty obvious.  There is an EXCELLENT resource for this kind of information.  Louise Hay wrote a book called, You Can Heal Your Life.  In this most awesome resource she includes an index of symptoms & conditions, & what is most likely behind them. She also includes a “prescription” mantra to help “fix”, or move out of that chronic health problem.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESOURCE!

The bottom line is, our bodies contain all the information & knowledge & wisdom we need to correct our health challenges.  We must learn to tune in & listen.  When you understand what a certain illness or disorder is communicating to you, then it’s time to sort of “sit back” & take an inventory of your life & all its wonderful aspects, & maybe re-align or re-adjust something.

Very helpful information indeed!

If you visit my website @, you can find on Pg 1 my email address.  Feel free to send me a comment or question any time!  I’m here for YOU.  And on Pg 2 you will find a link to Louise Hay’s book.   🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a most bright & blessed day.  Yours,


About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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