The Animals They Speak to Us!

This beauty visited us in Eureka Springs, AR

Animal Totems

     Today I’d like to talk to you about animal totem messages.   Did you know the animal kingdom is ripe & ready & willing to speak to us??  We need only pay attention.  Listen.  Open up to their interactions.

The FIRST thing you need to know about animal totems is that in order to receive messages from our animal friends, one must be OUT IN THE WORLD where animals are!!!  This is a call to return to nature.  We have been so fascinated with technology these past few decades, that we have lost touch with the natural world.  Animals are out there!  So get on outdoors and join ’em!

I want to share with you the four general types of animal totems.  (An animal totem is an occurrence of a creature of the natural world showing up in a special way in your life path to give you a message of some sort or other.)

  • Life Totem
  • Journey Totem
  • Message Totem
  • Shadow Totem

I shall describe each totem & give you examples from my own journey.

The Life Totem is the animal that could be called your “power animal”.  Let me tell you how I discovered my power animal… I have been obsessed with dolphins my whole life!!  Hee hee!  But truthfully, I have always loved them so.  They  make me think of true freedom, the one thing I value most in this life.  And actually one time I did a meditation included in the book, Healing Ancient Wounds, by author John Barnes.  It was specifically designed to aid the reader in  determining their power animal.  It was a beautiful meditation, and was not much of a surprise to find my power animal to be the dolphin.  HIGHLY recommend that book!

The Journey Totem shows up for a period of time in your life to help you through a journey of some sort (hence the name).  The prime example in my life was the great blue heron.  For about two straight years, and those being quite recent, this magnificent bird was showing itself in the most incredible, unbelievable ways to me.  Even my kids and boyfriend couldn’t believe where and when this Journey Totem of mine was appearing!  The message to me was loud and clear:   patience!  I heeded the lesson well, and am ever so thankful to my spirit brother, the great blue heron.

A Message Totem is, again quite obvious, an animal that has a specific (usually one-time) message for you.  They make an extraordinary or unusual appearance in your path that lets you know…”Hey!  That was crazy!  There was something special about that animal appearing to me.”  I have had so many amazing Message Totem appearances I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  But a recent one that stands out is when I was in the depths of despair (can’t even remember why now, ha!) and was feeling extremely low about myself and about life in general.  I was entertaining some pretty dark thoughts…. when an extraordinary thing happened.  I was sitting by a creek, and a young doe appeared behind me and to the right …quite close!!  Closer than a creature of that kind would ever knowingly come to a human in the wild.  When I looked up the message of the deer, it (of course) made perfect sense to me:   be kind and gentle with yourself.   VERY apropos…..!

The Shadow Totem is one that makes us uncomfortable.  It is an animal that appears to us with a message that usually pertains to a hard lesson in life.  I believe my journey totem, the great blue heron, was also at times my shadow totem.  I was really struggling with patience for a very long time.  It was a very difficult thing to learn to just trust and let go and be patient, but a lesson I am sooooo thankful to have overcome–finally!

So if you believe an animal is trying to tell you something… more than likely it is!!!  This is all I do when I feel I am getting a message from the animal kingdom:  I GOOGLE it!!!!  Hee heee!  Say a bat flies right by my head one evening… (this happened to me, though in broad daylight!!), so then I went home & googled “bat animal totem message”, and found out this exquisite creature was reminding me that I was entering a time of rebirth.  Again, spot-on!

I hope you enjoy your journey alongside the animal kingdom!  Mama Gaia’s creatures are so special and so in tune… they have GREAT GREAT wisdom to share with us… all we need do is listen.

Bright Blessings!!!


About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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  1. You are truly a beautiful being! Thank you for all that you do!

  2. bahasherri says:

    Reblogged this on Shakti's Mind Medicine and commented:

    Have ya’ll seen this one?? About to go re-visit Eureka Springs, AR. And that is what made me think of this blog… & this amazingly beautiful Luna Moth!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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