The ART of “Flowing”


Blue River, Dillon, CO

How to Live the “Art of FLOWING”

The other morning I was sitting on a bench by a pond, just basking in the sun and breathing in the moment…and I began observing the ducks swimming by.  They moved with such grace and effortlessness.  At least that’s how it appears on the surface.  We know that their little webbed feet are working double-time underneath the surface of the water, but we don’t see that.  Reflecting upon this made me understand the correlation to Living the Art of Flowing that has been one of the greatest life lessons for me these recent years.

It has come up again and again, and so I know it is of supreme significance in these radically changing times to practice and perfect this Art.  We too can remain calm and serene…all tranquil on the surface, even though day to day life can be quite hectic much of the time.  And so, let us dive into the Art of Flowing, embracing its teachings in order to apply it to the depths of our busy lives so that we may also glide effortlessly along…no stress, no worries…just flowing.

My friend, Sarah, and I have been on a grand adventure together this year, learning all about letting go and living in the flow.  It has been very enlightening and exciting every step of the way.  We have shared many moments of fear, doubt, insecurity, etc.  But also many MORE occasions of true magic, joy, peace, bliss, and not the least of all...laughter.  All this occurred as we learned to take that leap of faith and allow flow and synchronicity to become Supreme Ruler of our lives.  It takes S.O.A.P. to do this:

  • S – Surrender
  • O – Openness
  • A – Allowing
  • P – Practice

Surrender old “stuck” beliefs that no longer serve you.  Here’s a technique:  Imagine someone has blown a whole sink-full of dish-washing bubbles all over you.  You want to gather them up off your body and make a big pile of them to blow back onto that person, in fun retaliation.  So just as you would scoop those handfuls of bubbles, in your mind, you are scooping all limiting beliefs that keep you from living in your highest form.  Make a “ball” of these gathered energies/thought-forms.  Thank them for serving their purpose in your growth.  Then imagine blowing them away into infinity!  That is surrender.

Next you will want to open to new possibilities.  It is very simple.  It is all about intention.  Just set the intention to be open to new concepts, new ideas, new paradigms.  You will be very pleasantly surprised what will begin flowing toward YOU just by sending this out.  It’s kind of like putting a classified ad up for something you are looking to buy.  But instead, you are advertising to the Universe that you are open and willing to experience new things to replace the old that you have just released.  How exciting!

OH, hey, here’s our “magic word”, allowing.  In this step of the SOAP formula you are now allowing all that good stuff to come pouring into your life.  Offer no resistance.  At least try not to.  This may take some practice.  Those old patterns can be hard to overcome.  But again, it’s all about your mental projection, your intention, to allow new thought patterns and new ways of looking at life to seep in.  Gradually you will get there, and you will never want to look back.

Then you practice your new arrivals.  Let’s say you live a very full life, with a jam-packed schedule.  The “old” you would stress out BIG-TIME anytime anything came along to mess up your tight scheduling.  You realize this behavior does not serve you, as the stress is causing ulcers in your stomach.  You have gathered and thanked all the thought patterns around this and bid them a fond farewell.  You have opened to a new way of living, with much more flexibility.  You now begin to allow interruptions to occur without throwing you off balance…you simply look for the bright side, and you adapt.  Now you continue to practice this new way of living, until eventually it is ingrained and old habits are replaced by less-stress lifestyle.

By utilizing this formula Sarah and I did it!  We learned how to master the Art of Flowing.  However, there is never really an actual “arriving” at this place, as it is an ever-evolving, continuing and emerging practice to Live the Art of Flowing.  And we still hit a few bumps along the way that test us.  But, trust me, it just gets easier and easier, and more and more magical and fun as we go along!

Stay tuned for much more on Living the Art of Flowing…

Till next time,


About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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