UFO Fun!!


My Guru: Dolores Cannon


I had an interesting weekend!

I had the pleasure of attending the Ozark UFO Conference over the weekend.  What a blast!  I met Dolores Cannon, who now runs the conference, at last year’s… which was my first.  This particular conference has been going on for over 25 years.  Last year, when I saw Dolores speak, I immediately fell in love with this “everyday Grandma”, who is actually NOTHING like she appears to be!

Dolores has been working with “abductees”, & people with ET encounters, for 25 years.  She uses her own special method of hypnosis, called QHHT


to take her clients into a very deep state of relaxation, where the conscious mind is allowed to “get out of the way”, & the REAL story of what happened is revealed, by the subconscious.

If you’d like to see her in action, speaking on The New Earth, watch this:

Dolores Video on New Earth

If you’d like to see Dolores’ blog, visit this site:


One of the things I find most fascinating about UFO research is the connection to our evolution as a species on this planet.  There is, many believe, a direct correlation between what’s going on “out there”, and what is happening on our own planet Earth, in the way of the rising of the consciousness level of humans.

Now, what do I mean by the rising of consciousness?  As we begin to open our minds, expanding them a little at a time (because our mind is like a muscle & must be gently stretched & worked out, slowly & surely, so that it may grow without “blowing”, like we can blow out a muscle), so that we can grasp bigger and bigger concepts about the Universe we live in.

For instance, Dolores has actually discovered a way to talk to “God”, although “he” has many, many names.  Basically what she is accessing is a level of consciousness, of knowledge, that is part of the collective human knowledge, & is stored in the Akashic realm.  Have you ever heard of the Book of Life?  It’s in the Bible.  Or the Zero Point Field?  It’s in quantum physics.  It’s all the same thing.  There is an ethereal layer of consciousness, a vast collection of knowledge, that hangs out & can be accessed by anyone.  The “voices” that talk to Dolores (& other QHHT practitioners such as myself) via the clients that are DEEP under hypnosis, is none other than the voice of the collective consciousness.  Dolores has settled on the term:  the Subconscious.  Or asshe likes to call them: “They”.

I just think it’s really great that we are finally beginning to make the connections between science & theology.  And UFO science (UFOlogy) is a part of all of that.  I heard the term exotheology  at the conference this weekend, & I believe it perfectly depicts the merger.  Exo:  meaning outside of ourselves, our world (extra-terrestrial), and theology:  meaning the study of the nature of God.  It is this blending that will finally take humanity where it needs to be:        ONE ♥

Bright Blessings to all!!!



About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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  1. Thanks for posting. Very interesting. A fascinating word: exotheology.

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