A Cheap Bottle of Wine


and Other Visions….

Sometimes when I meditate I receive a vision of what “life” is like.  It’s just my subconscious mind giving me what I love:  visuals.

I wanted to share a couple of them.  Once I saw a big knot being untied.  It reminded me that that’s kind of what humanity is going through right now.  Are you noticing it?  It’s as if we’ve been bound for centuries by old, stuck belief systems.  And now we are beginning to loosen the knot.  Humanity is waking up, in a manner of speaking; beginning to realize the power we have within each of us to make a difference, to make change happen.

We see it everywhere.  The Occupy Movement, the acceptance of LGBT rights, also how many, many government & banking officials are coming to justice for all the fraud perpetuated on humankind for so long, etc.  It gives me hope.  🙂

Another visual I received in meditation was of an ocean view.  I was being led through a jungle that suddenly opened up to an ocean view.  Then the ocean became countless oceans… hard to explain.  Each ocean was a different color, all so beautiful & vivid beyond imagination.  I was looking at all the levels & layers of “oceans”, & I remember noticing how unbelievably beautiful each one was, even the brown one!  And I realized that these oceans represented the level of growth & awareness of every individual on the planet.  We’re all at different levels, each our own unique color, on our own journey… but ALL equally as beautiful.  No matter where we’re at.  All equal, all the same.  Because… we are ONE.

My most recent vision was of a bottle of wine, with a twist top.  Life on Earth for a long time has been like having a nice bottle of wine sitting on the shelf that we are saving for a special occasion.  We know something good & wonderful is inside, but we’re not sure when the right time to open & celebrate is.  We know when the wine is open, good times will flow.  Celebration, relaxation, etc.

In my visual, the twist top was in the process of being opened.  It was very… twisty.  😉

I understood that this meant that the times we are in RIGHT NOW are the times of action, even uncomfortable action if necessary.  But the actions & the changes are long overdue, & now is the time to get twisty… to get uncomfortable.  Do the work: like meditation & energy clearing, like diet change & exercise, cleaning & clearing up the clutter in our lives.

Why?  Because the good times are coming!  Soon, the twisting time will be over, the hard work will be finished, & we can just kick back & relax… just enjoy… just BE.


Love ya!


About Shakti Bliss

I am an avid student of LIFE. I have been studying self-help type books for many years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from these many great resources. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love
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