SUCCESS vs Failure


Define Success…

Quote found on  “Success is not the key to happiness… Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Ever heard that before?  I have.  And it makes sense to me!  Success does not equal a status/title or a monetary amount.  You could be making very little money, but be very content in your life, AND love what you do to earn that living… and be a SUCCESS.  Can we all agree on that?

If you’re not there yet… then how to achieve it?  Check out this quote by “success artist” Trish Britt:

“It doesn’t take much more of an effort to succeed than it does to fail.  Be realistic about where you can start.  When you decide, really dedicate yourself to it & persist at it.  No one is going to make you more successful except yourself.  If you’re not trying, no one else will.  If you’re good at something, & try very hard at it, you are going to succeed.”

Let’s break that down.  EFFORT:  Did you catch what she said??  “It doesn’t take much more of an effort to succeed than it does to fail.”  Could that really be true?  It can be if you believe it to be.  Everything we create in life stems from our personal beliefs.  Beliefs are everything.  Remember this one?  “If you believe it you CAN achieve it.”  So, let’s start out just believing that success does not require a whole lot of extra effort.  Sounds good.  Makes it more appealing to me!

Next:  “Be realistic about where you can start.”  That makes sense.  When you take a good, long, hard look at where you’re at, then you can begin the journey with a firm base.  Map out your plan.  That is always a good idea.  Break it into small, manageable steps.  Ever heard this one?  “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  🙂

Next sentence:  “When you decide, really dedicate yourself to it & persist at it.”  Oh, yes, indeed.  Perseverance is the predecessor to success, no doubt about that.  That happens to be something I’m personally working on in my own journey.  I tend to get off track pretty easily.  I get bored or distracted, or both!  But I genuinely desire, with all my heart, at this point in my life to go all in on ONE THING… anything.  I’m just ready to see myself as a success at one thing; therefore, I am practicing dedication & persistence.

Next part:  “No one is going to make you more successful except yourself.  If you’re not trying, no one else will.”  If it is to be, it is up to ME.  Truer words were never spoken.  SUCCESS is forward motion, in my opinion.  And only I can make that motion.  No one is there to move my legs, or make up my mind on important (forward-moving) decisions, or move my fingers on the keyboard, etc.

Success is closer than you think.

Lastly, let’s look at the phrase:  “If you’re good at something, & try very hard at it, you are going to succeed.”  That makes sense, doesn’t it?  First of all, follow your passion.  If there is something you feel very passionate about, chances are it is your gift, your purpose.  Then next we put in the EFFORT.  This formula equals success.  I got a tattoo a few years back on my shoulder.  It is Japanese lettering which literally translates as “Zen Strength.”  For me, it translates as:  Do Your Best.  I got the tattoo to signify an important crossroad in my life.  I was embarking on a new career, a new phase of my life, & it was the perfect symbolic phrase to remind me of that.

Success vs Failure

Failure is simply not trying.  That is my opinion.  We’ve all heard about Ben Franklin.  He experimented & “failed” literally thousands of times before he perfected the light bulb.  What if he had given up after a few failed attempts?  I’m glad he persisted.  He “failed forward”, learning from each mistake.  He is my inspiration.  If I fall down, I will just simply keep getting back up again & again & again, until I feel I am a SUCCESS.  🙂

The project I’m working on right now can be seen at this link:  CLICK HERE if you would like to take a quick peak.  I’m on a journey of persistent action.  Maybe you can join me… who knows where it may lead?

If you enjoyed today’s blog on “success”, feel free to share.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your friend always,


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What’s a MIND MOVIE??



The Way to Create the Life You Desire

Before I get into the how’s & why’s, WATCH mine:

 Shakti’s Mind Movie

 Now do you get the idea??  It’s very, very simple.  It’s a Vision Board plus.  If you don’t know what a “vision board” is, I’ll tell ya.  Usually you would gather a bunch of pictures cut out of magazines… all things you desire to have, to create in your life.  Basically you can organize your dreams into a few simple categories:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Romance
  • Travel
  • Spirituality
  • Physical Appearance
  • Home    etc.

You get a big poster board & create a beautiful collage of all the things you desire to create & manifest in your life.  Next…(now THIS is the really important part)…you must look at it every day, even two or three times a day.

Why?  To supplant these visions into your subconscious.  When you gaze at the items on your Vision Board, you must FEEL the feelings associated with having them (i.e. bliss, happiness, freedom, satisfaction, gratitude…)  All this will aid in the manifestation of these items in your life.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “You become what you think about most.” ?  That’s the idea here.  Visualization is a VERY powerful tool to create the life you desire.

Mind Movies are simply a moving version of your dreams & desires.  I believe it can be even more effective, simply because you can add the music of your choice that evokes the emotions & feelings of having the things in your video.  Anything helps!

It’s really fairly easy, & VERY fun, to create your Mind Movie.  You can choose from the many images already in the program, or upload your own.  For instance, I have wanted a (red OR yellow) bi-plane since I was a little girl, visiting the local Air Shows with my parents.  I wanted to include that in my Movie, so I “Google Imaged” a pic I liked & added it in.

Then comes the really fun part.  You can choose from all kinds of affirmations they have on the site, from many different categories; or you may create your own.  You even get to customize the way the visuals transition from one to another.  I had a BLAST creating mine, & finished the whole thing in one sitting.  😀

You can access more info, or just go ahead & buy HERE.  Also, there are 3 free Mind Movies available, ready-made, ready to inspire you to greater heights in health & wealth, etc. just for checking it out.  ♥

Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!

Love you lots!


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Laws that are COOL?!?


Universal Laws

There are 50 primary Universal Laws, according to psychic healer/hypno-therapist, Dick Sutphen.  I wanted to share a few of my very favorites.  I read over these daily, to help me remember them.  It’s part of my daily dose of “mind medicine”.

The Law of Manifestation.  Things begin as a thought, an idea.  This becomes a belief.  Our beliefs create our reality.  All we need to do is reprogram beliefs that aren’t working anymore.  How?  Through dedication (study), awareness, & training (practice).

The Law of Conscious Detachment.  It is our resistance to “what is” that causes all suffering.  When we accept what is, we accept the unalterable realities in our lives without resisting them.  Some things are facts.  They exist.  Change what you can change, but have the wisdom to accept unalterable situations as they are.

The Law of Fellowship.  When two or more people of similar vibrations are gathered for a shared purpose, the attainment of that purpose is multiplied exponentially.

The Law of Reflection.  That which you admire in others exists within you.  Same goes for that in others which causes you to react strongly.

The Law of Unconditional Love.  To attain this, one must overcome fear.  Living by this law means you have an acceptance of others exactly as they are, without attempting to change them.

The Law of Abundance.  You have within yourself everything required to make your earthly incarnation a paradise, IF you choose to accept that which is your natural birthright.  We live in a Universe of abundance!

The Law of Divine Order.  Everything is as it should be.  There are no accidents.  Your energy–through words, actions, & deeds–causes ALL your experiences.

The Law of Commitment.  You must have CLEAR INTENT.  No indecisiveness, whatsoever.  If you are in harmony with the Universe, & living according to your purpose…. magic happens.  And the greater your emotional investment into this desire, the more power to the Law, & the more rapid the manifestation.

The Law of Dissonance.  A mental discomfort results if you hold two conflicting beliefs, or if your actions do not reflect your beliefs.  This law is also known as:  The Law of Self-Delusion.  😉

The Law of Fearful Confrontation.  If you fear doing something, & yet have the courage to do it anyway, you will soon do a mental flip-flop… & may even become addicted to doing it!

The Law of Group Consciousness.  a.k.a “The 100th Monkey Effect“.  When the group consciousness reaches a critical mass of accepting a new concept, then the concept is accepted by the Whole.

And my personal favorite:

The Law of New Beginnings.  This occurs at major life turning points.  Everything will change as a result.  These are usually coined:  “A-HA!” moments.

I’m thoroughly enjoying a new beginning in my life.  I received a HUGE A-Ha moment when I watched the video I am linking here.  Just copy & paste this web address & it will take you to the most exciting opportunity I’ve EVER run across:  >>><<<

If you enjoy my blogs, please feel free to share.  🙂

Love & Light always,


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Have you met my buddy, Eckhart?


What are YOU putting into YOUR head?

A long time ago I realized the power of what we put into our brains.  You know why?  What goes in, comes out.  For instance, if you spend all your time gossiping & listening to others complain, say at work and at home with your family… that truly is all you will know, all you will do.  Gossip & complain.  Sound familiar?  Know people like that?  I sure do.

What about people who fill their minds with the anger & hatred & violence of certain genres of music & also graphic video games & movies?  Think those people are more likely to commit acts of anger & violence… to care a lot less about their planet & their fellow humankind?  You bet!

So I decided WAAAAAY back to fill my mind with positive, uplifting material.  I actually rarely even listen to the radio.  I always have a good audio book playing while driving, or I’m found listening to my mp3 player filled with positive music & messages.  At home on my downtime I can be seen reading… nearly always non-fiction, self-empowerment type stuff.

Eckhart Tolle is a grand example.  If you’ve never heard him speak… go here: Youtube & check him out.  Listening to an audio book of his is a hypnotic experience in itself.  :D     I am a HUGE fan.  My favorite book so far is, A New Earth.  I thought I might share a few “hotpoints” from this book here:

  • STORY vs. FACTS.  Here’s an example:  A young man has been left by his girlfriend.  His story suddenly is:  “She left me, my life is over!”  The fact of the matter is:  “I have just experienced a big life change.”  The situation is neutral, if you learn to become the observer of the circumstances in your life.  Don’t BE your thoughts & emotions; be the AWARENESS behind them.
  • IDENTITY vs. ROLES.  We often believe we are defined by what we do.  For instance, someone says:  “So tell me about you.”  You reply, “Well, I’m a father, a boss, a little league coach…”  When in fact, those are simply the roles we play in life.  Who we are, our identity, actually has nothing to do with such things.  When we define ourselves by our roles, we are in EGO.  As Eckhart so beautifully puts it:  “Isn’t it enough just that YOU ARE.  Let go of the belief that you should or need to know who you are.  This is where peace comes from.”  ♥
  • Find the balance between Human and Being (human being).  Human:  our functions, roles, achievements, possessions, etc.  The FORMBeing:  the still, alert presence of consciousness itself.  The FORMLESS.  Find the balance between the two, they are interwoven.
  • Happiness is a choice.  It is simply a role to play.  But we must choose it, consciously.  Each day, even.  Unhappiness, as Eckhart phrases it, “is an ego-created mental/emotional disease, the internal pollution of our planet.”  The conditions in & of themselves are not dreadful; they simply are.  It is our reaction to them–or our inner resistance to them–that is ‘dreadful’.”  As Shakespeare so eloquently points out:  “There is nothing either good or bad.  But thinking makes it so.”

I hope you have enjoyed these little “snippets” from Eckhart Tolle’s classic, A New Earth.  If so, please feel free to share my blog.  You may also check out my new web venture here  at:

Until next time… Bright Blessings!!




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Jump into ACTION!



A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.      -Bo Bennett


Forward Motion


Whenever you’re standing at the precipice of a decision, you can take hours, days, even weeks & months, to go for it.  I’m going to share with you a way you can KNOW if something is right for you.


Tune into your body.  It has a wisdom we can only begin to fathom.  There’s the brain, of course.  It over-analyzes almost everything.  The conscious, thinking mind can spin a million different possibilities, & literally get your head to spinning.  SO, the best thing to so about THAT part of your body is to get things down on paper.


If you’re trying to decide on something big… do what man has done through the ages:  write out the pro’s & con’s.  It really works!  It’s like a weight scale.  You list pro’s on one side & con’s on the other, & then see which one “stacks up”.


Once you have accomplished this, it may be time to meditate.  Active meditation.  That means you sit with your list, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, & just kind of “phase out” for awhile… just letting your mind drift.  You may find yourself drifting off into a bit of a nap at the same time, but that is actually A-Ok!!  When we are in that sleepy in-between state, that is when our conscious (over-analytical) right-brained mind gets a chance to take a break.  That’s when the “good stuff” is allowed to come through, from the subconscious.  So after about 10-15 minutes of this, take a few moments to WRITE.  Write anything!  Just write, write, write.  You’d be surprised what comes out of your brain when you allow it to relax.  Some of humankind’s greatest inventions & scientific discoveries have come as a direct result of this method.


Next, let’s move on to the heart.  This will certainly take you out of the over-thinking mind.  The way to tune into your heart is to literally put a hand (or both hands) over your heart.  That will activate the bio-electrical energy… sort of like “tuning in” to those heart frequencies.  Ask yourself the question:  “What does my HEART tell me to do in this situation/about this decision?”  And listen… really listen.


And lastly, did you know your belly has a brain, too?  It’s called the ENS:  enteric nervous system.  You can tune into this as well.  Just put a hand on your belly, just above the naval… that is truly tuning into your “gut instinct”.  Ask yourself:  “What does my gut tell me about this?”


Our body LOVES to communicate with us.  The billions of cells in our bodies all have a consciousness of their own.  It’s like our body is an entire universe, & all the cells are individual, sentient beings.  Our mind is the “God” that directs things.  But each & every part of the body is working as a team for our greatest good.


The point?  The body wants to pitch in & help.  All we need do is ASK.




Try it!  You just might get the answers you’re looking for.


And then once you do… don’t hesitate!!!  TAKE ACTION!  With confidence.


“Audentes fortuna iuvat”, “Fortes fortuna adiuvat”, “Fortuna audaces iuvat” and “Fortes fortuna juvat”.


Fortune favours the bold, Fortune favours the brave, Fortune helps the brave, and Fortune favours the strong.


If you enjoy my blogs, please feel free to share.  Also, check out something I think you JUST MIGHT like:  (copy & paste)


Till next time,

Shakti  ♥

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A Cheap Bottle of Wine


and Other Visions….

Sometimes when I meditate I receive a vision of what “life” is like.  It’s just my subconscious mind giving me what I love:  visuals.

I wanted to share a couple of them.  Once I saw a big knot being untied.  It reminded me that that’s kind of what humanity is going through right now.  Are you noticing it?  It’s as if we’ve been bound for centuries by old, stuck belief systems.  And now we are beginning to loosen the knot.  Humanity is waking up, in a manner of speaking; beginning to realize the power we have within each of us to make a difference, to make change happen.

We see it everywhere.  The Occupy Movement, the acceptance of LGBT rights, also how many, many government & banking officials are coming to justice for all the fraud perpetuated on humankind for so long, etc.  It gives me hope.  🙂

Another visual I received in meditation was of an ocean view.  I was being led through a jungle that suddenly opened up to an ocean view.  Then the ocean became countless oceans… hard to explain.  Each ocean was a different color, all so beautiful & vivid beyond imagination.  I was looking at all the levels & layers of “oceans”, & I remember noticing how unbelievably beautiful each one was, even the brown one!  And I realized that these oceans represented the level of growth & awareness of every individual on the planet.  We’re all at different levels, each our own unique color, on our own journey… but ALL equally as beautiful.  No matter where we’re at.  All equal, all the same.  Because… we are ONE.

My most recent vision was of a bottle of wine, with a twist top.  Life on Earth for a long time has been like having a nice bottle of wine sitting on the shelf that we are saving for a special occasion.  We know something good & wonderful is inside, but we’re not sure when the right time to open & celebrate is.  We know when the wine is open, good times will flow.  Celebration, relaxation, etc.

In my visual, the twist top was in the process of being opened.  It was very… twisty.  😉

I understood that this meant that the times we are in RIGHT NOW are the times of action, even uncomfortable action if necessary.  But the actions & the changes are long overdue, & now is the time to get twisty… to get uncomfortable.  Do the work: like meditation & energy clearing, like diet change & exercise, cleaning & clearing up the clutter in our lives.

Why?  Because the good times are coming!  Soon, the twisting time will be over, the hard work will be finished, & we can just kick back & relax… just enjoy… just BE.


Love ya!


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My Gurus

An Homage to the Great Ones

We all have authors, teachers & leaders we look up to.  They are generally the ones who got us started on our journeys of growth & enlightenment.  I just wanted to take a few minutes today & share who has helped me most so far on my own journey.

It all began during my Christian walk.  There are a few authors who really impacted me. One of which is John Maxwell.  He may be one of the best-known self-development promoters in the Christian faith.  One of my favorite books of his is, Failing Forward.  Good stuff!  Here’s a great quote from him:

“Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

Norman Vincent Peale also had a great impact on me in those early, formative years.  His book, The Power of Positive Thinking, really got me on the right track!  Check out something he has said:

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Next I came across the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.  That one has been talked about by Oprah, & has been a “game changer” for many a soul embarking on the journey of expanded consciousness.  I just love what she says here:

“There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, & that truth is this:  You deserve all good things life has to offer.”

Shortly after The Secret, I began devouring anything & everything written by the wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer.  You may have seen him on television.  He’s been on PBS for years.  My all-time favorite book by him is, The Power of Intention.  Here’s a quote by my beloved guru, Dr. Dyer:


“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

I have long been a big fan of the channeled group of entities calling themselves Abraham.  They speak through a darling woman by the name of Esther Hicks.  Just hop on YouTube & watch an Abraham-Hicks presentation, & I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love too!  Such uplifting dialogue & encouragement!!!  My favorite book by this combo is, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Living the Art of Allowing.  Here’s a fave quote by Abraham:

“To stand in your now, looking forward with deliberate intent and anticipation of what is to come, is infinitely more satisfying than to stand in your now, looking back, retracing your steps as to how you got where you are.”

These are just a few off the top of my head.  Do you notice a theme running here, in the titles of these great books?  Power, Forward, Positive, Art …  I write “Shakti’s Mind Medicine” because that is precisely how I “cured” myself of mental illness years ago.  I accomplished this by putting all this positive thinking in the place of the downward, negative spiral of lies that I had been buying into.  Positive affirmations, such as:

“I love myself, I trust myself, I will be myself”,

as well as reading forward-moving, enlightening books & quotes, has literally changed my life.  I encourage you to spend some time each week (if not each day) with your nose in a good read.  🙂

Much Love & Light!!!


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UFO Fun!!


My Guru: Dolores Cannon


I had an interesting weekend!

I had the pleasure of attending the Ozark UFO Conference over the weekend.  What a blast!  I met Dolores Cannon, who now runs the conference, at last year’s… which was my first.  This particular conference has been going on for over 25 years.  Last year, when I saw Dolores speak, I immediately fell in love with this “everyday Grandma”, who is actually NOTHING like she appears to be!

Dolores has been working with “abductees”, & people with ET encounters, for 25 years.  She uses her own special method of hypnosis, called QHHT


to take her clients into a very deep state of relaxation, where the conscious mind is allowed to “get out of the way”, & the REAL story of what happened is revealed, by the subconscious.

If you’d like to see her in action, speaking on The New Earth, watch this:

Dolores Video on New Earth

If you’d like to see Dolores’ blog, visit this site:

One of the things I find most fascinating about UFO research is the connection to our evolution as a species on this planet.  There is, many believe, a direct correlation between what’s going on “out there”, and what is happening on our own planet Earth, in the way of the rising of the consciousness level of humans.

Now, what do I mean by the rising of consciousness?  As we begin to open our minds, expanding them a little at a time (because our mind is like a muscle & must be gently stretched & worked out, slowly & surely, so that it may grow without “blowing”, like we can blow out a muscle), so that we can grasp bigger and bigger concepts about the Universe we live in.

For instance, Dolores has actually discovered a way to talk to “God”, although “he” has many, many names.  Basically what she is accessing is a level of consciousness, of knowledge, that is part of the collective human knowledge, & is stored in the Akashic realm.  Have you ever heard of the Book of Life?  It’s in the Bible.  Or the Zero Point Field?  It’s in quantum physics.  It’s all the same thing.  There is an ethereal layer of consciousness, a vast collection of knowledge, that hangs out & can be accessed by anyone.  The “voices” that talk to Dolores (& other QHHT practitioners such as myself) via the clients that are DEEP under hypnosis, is none other than the voice of the collective consciousness.  Dolores has settled on the term:  the Subconscious.  Or asshe likes to call them: “They”.

I just think it’s really great that we are finally beginning to make the connections between science & theology.  And UFO science (UFOlogy) is a part of all of that.  I heard the term exotheology  at the conference this weekend, & I believe it perfectly depicts the merger.  Exo:  meaning outside of ourselves, our world (extra-terrestrial), and theology:  meaning the study of the nature of God.  It is this blending that will finally take humanity where it needs to be:        ONE ♥

Bright Blessings to all!!!



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The Animals They Speak to Us!

Have ya’ll seen this one?? About to go re-visit Eureka Springs, AR. And that is what made me think of this blog… & this amazingly beautiful Luna Moth!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Shakti's Mind Medicine

Animal Totems

     Today I’d like to talk to you about animal totem messages.   Did you know the animal kingdom is ripe & ready & willing to speak to us??  We need only pay attention.  Listen.  Open up to their interactions.

The FIRST thing you need to know about animal totems is that in order to receive messages from our animal friends, one must be OUT IN THE WORLD where animals are!!!  This is a call to return to nature.  We have been so fascinated with technology these past few decades, that we have lost touch with the natural world.  Animals are out there!  So get on outdoors and join ’em!

I want to share with you the four general types of animal totems.  (An animal totem is an occurrence of a creature of the natural world showing up in a special way in your life path…

View original post 632 more words

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Praying Creates Miracles!


The Power of Affirmations

My buddy recently purchased a book from her Center for Spiritual Living‘s bookstore.  It has changed our lives!!  What is this magical book?

Prayer Partners: How Praying with Someone Can Multiply Your Blessings,

by August Gold & Joel Fotinos.

It is SOOOO much more than about praying.  It’s not even “praying” like you normally think “praying” is!  It’s more like a commitment of accountability.

In the book, they warn that partaking in this type of exercise will change you life.  Well it certainly has!  Already, & in a big way.  Both my friend, Jess, & I wanted to cultivate the habit of waking early every day.  For various reasons.  We are both self-employed massage therapists, & it can be very easy to have a nice, lazy start to the day.  We both desired more discipline in our lives as far as making the most out of our days.   What better way to do that, then to get up early, right?   So we committed to 7 a.m. daily phone calls (that’s how the “program” works).  And it really has made a huge difference.  They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  It really does work.  The commitment through this “program” is for 90 days.  Within the first few weeks, I was already beginning to wake up before my alarm.  In fact, after the first month, Jess & I were having so many amazing things happening in our lives, we decided to “up it” to 6 a.m.!!!!

I am still consistently rising before my alarm goes off, even now that we have moved it to one hour earlier.  I never ever would have guessed I was capable of this in my “previous life” as a late-sleeper.  🙂

Anyway, how the system works is, you each pick one thing to pray for each other for the 90-day commitment.  You have a quick phone conversation every morning, & at the end, say the prayers (affirmations, really) for yourselves & for each other.  That’s it!  And then you “hold the high ground” for each other all the day long, every day.

The authors of the book say that the morning commitment alone is a life-changer, & it sure is!!  It’s that whole accountability thing.  And THEN an unexpected bonus has already occurred for both Jess & myself that we weren’t even expecting:  we both noticed we were sure “winning” a lot in life all of a sudden.  Winning raffles & drawings, receiving free coffee drinks & classes… the list goes on.  It’s like the Universe is saying to us:  “YES!!  We love what you’re doing here!  Keep it up!  In fact, here’s some bonus happiness for you just to show you how proud we are of you.”

It has been a real treat, & we are only about 1/3 of the way through the process!  The next question will be:  Do we ever stop?!?  If it’s this awesome, let’s keep going!  We have found ourselves, now that we’re a few weeks in, already revising our prayers.  It seems like the first set has already been instilled into our lives.  And so now we have both moved on to the next item on our “checklists”.

SO exciting!

You should try it, too.  And be ready for MIRACLES.  ♥♥♥

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