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Hello, beautiful friends!

Today’s topic is THIS PRESENT MOMENT, Right Here Right Now….

I know you’ve heard the phrase, “Stop & smell the roses.”

Well, let’s take that about 5 leaps further!  There’s the story about The Buddha’s “silent sermon”.  He sat still & silent for a long while, staring at a flower.  That’s it.

Finally, one of the monks in attendance broke out into a smile.  He is said to be the only one who understood the sermon.  That smile, that realization, is said to be the origin of ZEN.   🙂

Now that is a prime example of living in THIS present moment.

Why is this so important?  Appreciating THIS moment, & all that it has to offer–instead of living in the past or being focused on the future–brings meaning & pleasure into life, & shuts out fear & anxiety.  And who couldn’t use a lot less fear & anxiety in their life??

The past is past.  No sense in living in guilt or regret over something you cannot change!

The future will worry about itself.  Your worrying or fretting about something that isn’t even HERE yet, will not help ANYone!

The only POWER is in the present moment.

One way to live in the NOW is to get in the habit of really noticing the world around you.  Stopping to smell the flowers, taking a moment when walking from the car to the office to appreciate the cloud-scape in the sky, or the landscaping… etc.

You can practice conscious breathing exercises I have taught about in previous blogs, or conscious eating.  Conscious eating is the art of really being PRESENT when you are dining.  Bringing your full attention & awareness to the meal & appreciating every morsel.  Really tasting your food & enjoying the pleasure it brings to your palate.

Another great exercise for present moment living is the Body Awareness exercise taught by Eckhart Tolle in his book,     A New Earth.

Just simply sitting there quietly for bit, & “tuning in” to your body, feeling the life energy that is alive & flowing throughout your body.  Almost like a tingling sensation you can actually feel if you practice & learn to pick up on it.

This particular body awareness exercise actually strengthens our immune systems & aids in self healing!  All of these types of practices help anchor us in the present moment...

the only place to be!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Mind Medicine.

I look forward to next time!!  All my love always,


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Body Wisdom


Hello, beautiful people!!

Today I want to talk about body / mind communication.  Psychosomatic health & wellness.

What is “psychosomatic”?  Psyche- pertaining to the mind.  Somatic- pertaining to the body (as separate from the mind.)  Put the 2 together, and we have a beautiful & simple way the body communicates to us what may be “off” in our lives, in our mindset.

The Ancient Greeks believed that anytime they experienced illness or injury, it was the gods sending them a message.  They had the right idea.  Whenever we experience a health concern (& this especially applies to chronic conditions), it really is the body’s way of alerting us that we need to alter something in our lives.  We just need to tune in & listen to our bodies.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, can point out that you need to “get comfortable in your own skin”.  Be content & happy with WHO YOU ARE!
  • Chronic pain in the knees or feet tell us we are afraid to move forward, or to step out in a certain direction in our life path.
  • Problems in our shoulders & back indicate we are carrying too much of the “weight of the world”.  We need to lighten our load.

Get the point here?  Most of our body’s communications are pretty obvious.  There is an EXCELLENT resource for this kind of information.  Louise Hay wrote a book called, You Can Heal Your Life.  In this most awesome resource she includes an index of symptoms & conditions, & what is most likely behind them. She also includes a “prescription” mantra to help “fix”, or move out of that chronic health problem.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESOURCE!

The bottom line is, our bodies contain all the information & knowledge & wisdom we need to correct our health challenges.  We must learn to tune in & listen.  When you understand what a certain illness or disorder is communicating to you, then it’s time to sort of “sit back” & take an inventory of your life & all its wonderful aspects, & maybe re-align or re-adjust something.

Very helpful information indeed!

If you visit my website @, you can find on Pg 1 my email address.  Feel free to send me a comment or question any time!  I’m here for YOU.  And on Pg 2 you will find a link to Louise Hay’s book.   🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a most bright & blessed day.  Yours,


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Vitamin O ?!?

Greetings & HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Today I want to share something with you you’ve probably never heard of…VITAMIN O!  Ok, there’s no such thing, scientifically / biologically.  But MENTALLY?  Yes indeed!  I am borrowing this from the author, Marc David.  He wrote Mind/Body Nutrition, a verrrrrry good book.

So what is “vitamin O”, & why is it super important???

“Vitamin” O is OXYGEN!!

It is all around us, in plentiful supply.  It’s free… we need it to survive… but GUESS WHAT?  We don’t take in enough of it!  At any given time.

Human beings are notorious for our shallow breathing.  Why?  Because life is so busy, so harried & hurried.  We nearly live in a state of constant stress, to some degree or another.  We only use a FRACTION of our lungs’ vital capacity when we breathe.

I’m encouraging everyone who reads this to begin to practice more CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

What do I mean by that?

Conscious breathing is paying attention to your breath.  Forcing yourself to breathe more fully, more slowly.  In fact, I recommend taking a moment at least a couple times a day to do a Conscious Breathing Exercise.  Sit back & relax for a few moments (but with a straight back, allowing plenty of room for lung expansion), taking 4 counts to COMPLETELY fill your lungs– to the “tippy top”!  Then the challenging part is the exhalation.  Do this to a count of 10 to 12.  It’s really hard at first.  But the whole point is to squeeze every last “drop” of air from your lungs!  After doing this process about 4 times, YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING!!  It clears your brain, revitalizes all your organs & body systems, & re-energizes your whole body!

Vitamin O is also very important in the body’s metabolizing process at meal time.  Did you know that if you breathe deeply throughout & after a meal, & eat more slowly (& consciously), your body metabolizes food to a MUCH greater degree??  It really does, & I will share more about Vitamin O & how it can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted in a later post.  (This is the cliff-hanger…)   😉


Love & Light,


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Today’s message: Go for your DREAMS!!

Hi, everyone!!!  I have a great Shakti’s Mind Medicine for you today!

It’s all about pursuing your dreams… why you should do it, why you should do it NOW, & what may be holding you back.

Let me begin with the quote that has spurred me on for YEARS in pursuing my own dreams:

“That if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, & endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”       -Ralph Waldo Emerson

What that tells me is this:  The Universe favors those in motion…!!  Advance confidently!  As if you could NOT fail!

What holds us back from “goin for” our dreams?  EXCUSES & FEAR.   Our excuses can be anything from “well, I want to wait until: the kids are grown….. the house is sold….  we move to the country….” etc etc.

Here’s another quote I read somewhere.  A 37-yr-old man said,  “I’d like to go to college, but I’ll be 41 by the time I get out!”   His friend replied,  “How old will you be in four years if you DON’T go to college??”      See?  It doesn’t matter whether we go for it now or go for it later… time is still tickin away!!!

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells this:  “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”    I think that is beautiful, & I have to tell you, that is where I am at today!  I feel like I’m dreaming, because I am pursuing my dream of teaching Universal Truths to many people… but it’s really truly happening.  Thank you for being here!!  You’re a big  part of the fruition of my dreams.  🙂  🙂

Why get started NOW? & How?  Well, author John Maxwell tells us in his book, Roadmap to Success,

  • When you have a dream, you can pursue it no matter where you are today.
  • A dream gives us HOPE for the future, & it also brings us POWER in the present.
  • A dream puts everything we do into perspective.  Even the tasks that aren’t exciting or immediately rewarding take on added value when we know they ultimately contribute to the fulfillment  of a dream.  

So you can see, we have no excuses–no real, valid excuses–to put off getting started!  What else stands in our way?  FEAR.  Fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of wasting our time & resources….

Here’s something author & American Buddhist nun Pema Chodron has to say about that in her book, Comfortable With Uncertainty:   “Uncomfortable feelings, such as disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, jealousy & fear show us we’re holding back, we’re shutting down.  Such uncomfortable feelings are messages that tell us to perk up & LEAN INTO a situation when we’d rather cave in & back away.”   This speaks to me, “Just stick with it!  Lean into the fear.  BREATHE through it!” 

Author Marc David says a funny thing in his book, Mind/Body Nutrition.  He says the greatest book he NEVER read is,  Feel the Fear.  And Do It Anyway!  He said he didn’t even need to read the book!  He learned what he needed from the title alone.   🙂

And I agree.  It’s scary to Go For your dreams… but it’s SOOOOO worth it to Feel the fear & do the thing anyway!

I encourage all of you to take ONE simple step today toward pursuing your dream.  In fact, I CHALLENGE YOU.   🙂

Love to all, & bright blessings!


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Today’s Message: Finding the Beauty!!

In today’s hustle & bustle, many of us are just trying to “get by”.

How about a different approach?  The medicine I prescribe for your mind today is… look for the beauty in the world… things to appreciate, things that bring you joy!  Because the more you appreciate & find joy in the world, THE MORE THE WORLD WILL GIVE YOU THINGS TO APPRECIATE & ENJOY!!   It is a Universal Principle!   🙂

One day I was lying on the ground watching the clouds.  It was a very cloudy day & I was impatiently waiting for the big gray clouds to pass by so I could enjoy the cute, fluffy white clouds & the beautiful blue sky.  These patches were few & far between.

Suddenly the thought occurred to me to maybe look for the beauty in the GRAY clouds!  So I gazed & gazed… and sure enough!  Within the gray clouds there was something for me too!  The more I stared, the more I could see:  sparkles, textures, shapes, depth….   It was a great lesson for me.

Life is like that.  Some days are bright & happy & sunny… some days are dark & gloomy.  Not just speaking of the weather here.  Whether things are going nice & “smooth” in our life, or we’re in a “dark & dreary” patch…. look for the beauty there.

If you look hard enough, it can be found!

As one wise man said,  “You cannot control the weather, but you CAN control the atmosphere of your mind.”   !!   YES!

Thanks for “tuning in”!

Come visit me @ my website:   & sign up if  you like what you see!

Bright blessings!


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